Saturday, May 1, 2010



I have been redecorating. The comforter on the bed has gotten threadbare and worn enough that I was thinking of using it as a quilt backing. Then I remembered that quilting means sewing: not one of my favorite activities. I splurged on a new bedspread and pillow shams from Pyramid Collection catalog. (The spread and shams were a "catalog exclusive," which meant I couldn't order it online - that doesn't happen often these days.)

Also, my sister and my daughter both gave me artwork for my birthday this year - a Randal Spangler and a Ruth Thompson, respectively. I had both pictures matted and framed at
Michael's to coordinate with a couple of Sandra SanTara gryphon drawings that I have had for several years. A wall hanging from last year's Renaissance Fest is now a window hanging.

Now I need to wash/paint the walls.

Our word of the day for May1, 2010 is "coverlet" - Pronunciation: \ˈkə-vər-lət, -(ˌ)lid\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, alteration of coverlite, from Anglo-French coverlit, from covre (it) covers + lit bed, from Latin lectus c more at lie

Date: 14th century

: bedspread

Our quote for the day is from Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547–1616). Don Quixote, Part 1. The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.:
[The traveler's bed], which, though it was made of canvas and coverings of his mules, was much better than the knight’s [Don Quixote's] that only contained four boards roughly planed, placed on two unequal tressels; a flock-bed, which in the thinness seemed rather a quilt, full of pellets, and had not they shown that they were wool, through certain breaches made by antiquity on the tick, a man would by the hardness rather take them to be stones; a pair of sheets made of the skins of targets; a coverlet, whose threads if a man would number, he should not lose one only of the account.

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  1. what a pleasure to see your entry today. Your new coverlid etc will be looking real swish !
    I always hope that you are keeping well when you are missing for a while..
    Love Sybil xx


Thanks for your comment. ;^)