Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My son-in-law tells me that he has been teaching my grandaughter to tell jokes. Apparently she hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. Part of this is probably because they didn't start with Why did the chicken...? No, this is what he started with:
Barack Obama, after his first full day of work, dismissed all his aides so he could finish a few loose ends and just sit and savor his new position. After a while, he got thirsty. He decided to go down to the White House kitchens rather than calling down and disturbing the staff from their well-earned rest. Once in the corridor, he saw that a soda machine had been installed just a few steps away from the door to the Oval Office. Immediately, he delved into his pockets for the wherewithal to get a Coca Cola.

He was appalled to find there was no change.

Perhaps this a bit subtle for a five year old. She has been telling this joke, but substituting George Washington for Barack Obama—both achronistic and surreal. I suppose I will have to call and teach her a few elephant jokes to counteract Ryan's nonsense.

The word of the day for January 20, 2009 is "inauguration" — Pronunciation: \-,nȯ-gyə-'rā-shən, -gə-\
Function: noun
Date: 1569
: an act of
inaugurating ; especially : a ceremonial induction into office.

Our quotation is from Robert Frost (1874–1963), U.S. poet, Reply to invitation from President-elect John F Kennedy, NY Times 15 Jan 61:
If you can bear at your age the honor of being made president of the United States, I ought to be able at my age to bear the honor of taking some part in your inauguration. I may not be equal to it but I can accept it for my cause—the arts, poetry—now for the first time taken into the affairs of statesmen.



  1. I read the joke twice before I *think* I got it. I like the Frost quote btw

  2. Loved this joke, lol :-)
    Thank you!

  3. A wee bit too mature for the little one Jan. Guess you will have to introduce the elephant or the chicken jokes after all. Lol!
    Jeanie xx


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