Sunday, March 1, 2009



Late night Friday, we watched Cast Away with Tom Hanks. Now, I am not normally a Tom Hanks fan. I know he is a creditable actor. His work has won awards, etc. Still, I remember the sitcom, Bosom Buddies, that he participated in early in his career. I realize that the material was fluff, but it did nothing good for my perception of the man.

My problems aside, Hanks carries the main acting burden for Cast Away. His character is sympathetically, if somewhat optimistically drawn. How many of us would have survived one night on a deserted island without so much as a pocket knife. Hanks did give a good performance, both in the physical emulation of setting up housekeeping on his island and the emotional in giving up the relationships that had kept him going throughout his exile. If that's a spoiler, I'm sorry. Y'all had plenty of time to see the movie before I did.

The word of the day for March 1, 2009 is "castaway" Pronunciation: \'kast-ə-,wā\
Function: adjective
Date: 1542
1: thrown away :
rejected. 2 a: cast adrift or ashore as a survivor of a shipwreck. b: thrown out or left without friends or resources.

Our quote for the day is from Anne Sexton (1928–1974), U.S. poet. “Doors, Doors, Doors.”:
Castaway, your time is a flat sea that doesn’t stop,
with no new land to make for and no new stories to swap.




  1. I feel as though I am lost, adrift at sea ... castaway as the liner sails on without me.

    I am sorry that I LOVED THAT MOVIE!! Please, don't sail without me!!

    Like the Sexton quote as well!

  2. Not a big film lover but I do like Tom Hanks.I havn't seen this film,so I cannot realy comment on it.I feel I would have needed more than just a pocket knife to suvive for certain.LOL!! Have a great Sunday.Hope you are well .Take Care God Bless kath xx

  3. I loved that movie, and Tom Hanks. Even better Castaway inspired the creation of my favorite TV show, Lost.


Thanks for your comment. ;^)