Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My friend came in this morning complaining about Jo, his wife, watching too much House & Garden TV. She was discussing the state of the refrigerator door: that repository of appointment notes, children's art and impending bills. Their fridge door has apparently nearly reach critical mass, at which point she coined today's, obviously designer, word to describe the look.

Even those who have no children and/or don't cook are prone to accessorize their kitchen with magnetically placed bits and bobs of papers that need to be where a horizontal filer can get hands on them without shuffling. What did we ever do before the invention of Sticky notes and the magnetic strips attached to kitschy mottoes?

The word of the day for October 8, 2008 is "decrapé" — Pronunciation: \'də-krə-pā\
Etymology: a miscegenation of découpage and macramé, with a side order of crap
Date: 2008

: a collection of objects posted on a refrigerator door in haphazard manner.

Our quote for the day is from Jim Day, husband of the coiner:
I think the accent should be on the second syllable."
;^) Jan


  1. Lisa watches HGTV religously and I've come to know most of the shows purely through association :)

  2. A week between posts? I'd say your next WOTD should be 'slacker' ;)



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