Friday, October 31, 2008


Since AOL just cut us bloggers loose, I think that instead of "letting them move" my photos someplace else before New Year's, I will move them myself. After all, I really don't need them on the web except for those photos I have put into my blog. Which reminds me, when they shut down AOL pictures, what will that do to our old entries that have photos that reside on AOL pictures? Do we need to go back and replace photos in our old entries?

They switched my e-mail to a few months ago--sort of. Some people get my AOL e-dress on my notes, some get the tag (I knew there was a buyout/merger with Compuserve some time ago & I got switched back from cs to aol at that time.) I have opened a Gmail account, which I am going to be putting on all my official traffic from now on.

So once I have all the photos downloaded to disc and/or uploaded to a new website, maybe I'll just pull my business from AOL and close my account. I suppose they won't miss me much; I've only been a subscriber since 1996. I mainly have been loyal to them because I wanted to have accounts for my children. The children have migrated to their own service providers now, except for one, who leaves the computer unplugged most of the time to save electricity. She can open a low-cost People's PC account in her own name (she has dial-up still) or get a cell phone modem instead of AOL. We'll see how that goes.

Pronunciation: \-dē-'n(t)-sē\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural ex·pe·di·en·cies
Date: 1597
1: the quality or state of being suited to the end in view :
suitability , fitness. 2 obsolete a: haste , dispatch. b: an enterprise requiring haste or caution. 3: adherence to expedient means and methods [put more emphasis on expediency than on principle — W. H. Jones]. 4: a means of achieving a particular end : expedient.

Our quote for the day is from Roy Hattersley (b. 1932), British Labour politician. Guardian (London, Sept. 30, 1988):

Morality and expediency coincide more than the cynics allow.
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  1. Lots of people are leaving aol. including myself in the near future so, in a way, they have cut their own throats. They said they were losing money on our journals, well they are losing even more now. Yes, all pictures will disappear from your journal when they shut down pictures. Happy Halloween.

  2. You might notice a lack of activity on my site. The reason? More than 1000 photos - 1021 to be exact - failed to properly import into blogger and will be lost tomorrow when Hometown closes (the bulk of pics due to shut down on New Years carried over, and I don't blame Blogger, at least they gave us an out). So I've spent a week manually saving each photo, moving them to photobucket, and trying to reinsert them into the entries. I will no doubt fail to meet the deadline. I'll keep AOL because my wife is a big fan of the client software, but in my mind they are major Aholes.

  3. Good luck with getting your pictures off of aol. I couldn't get their download link to work, so am likely waving goodbye to a couple of hundred pictures. They seem to be cutting all the extras, but not the price. First the journals, now the pictures - yet no mention of a refund for the services cut back on. I am becoming as disgruntled as you are. Have been with them almost 10 years myself.

  4. Yep, the links will be you will have to reload the photos from another source...your computer directly to blogger or photobucket or another option. Yep I think you have to do it individually...geez....good luck. I did move a lot of what they had to another recommended site: American Greetings but the links are still broken so that means they won't show as you probably found out today....which reminds me..I need to change my subscription to AOL to the minimum approx. $10.00 per month or just go free and keep my emails...which is the main reason now that I have them...and I don't need to pay full price for that. Good luck, Jan.


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