Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today I have installed a doggy door for Speedy. Since Lloyd takes so long to get out of bed, Speedy needs to be able to get in and out by himself. I have read that in order to move people through his exhibits, P. T. Barnum put up signs: "To the Lioness", "To the Tigress", "To the Egress". I'd do the same for Speedy, but despite all his schooling, he still can't read well.

The installation was fairly easy, but I need to get a "charlie" bar shortened to install in the main door for security. I've got a wooden bar in the door now, but I want a metal bar in a visible place. The door itself is a plastic flap with a rigid plastic panel for weather and security reasons that fits into slots over the plastic door.

Although he has actually been in and out a few times with the flap up, Speedy is not certain that he wants anything to do with the door. I'm not supposed to boost him in or out. Coming in is especially difficult for him. Going out means going down a step. However when he wants to come in, he sits on the step, shuddering and whimpering. He's just going to have to learn to make that leap of faith.
The word of the day for October 4, 2008 is "egress" Pronunciation: \ˈē-ˌgres\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin egressus, from egredi to go out, from e- + gradi to go — more at
Date: 1538 1749–1790), The Eccentricities of John Edwin (second edition), vol. i. p. 74. London, 1791:
1 : the action or right of going or coming out. 2 : a place or means of going out :

Our quote for the day is from
John Edwin (1749–1790), The Eccentricities of John Edwin (second edition), vol. i. p. 74. London, 1791:

A man’s ingress into the world is naked and bare,
His progress through the world is trouble and care;
And lastly, his egress out of the world, is nobody knows where.
If we do well here, we shall do well there:I can tell you no more if I preach a whole year.

;^) Jan


  1. Egress, that fits AOL so well. They came out of being an ISP, they are coming out of journals and hometown. Well, I would like to boot them down the back step.

  2. I learned a new word today. We had a doggy door put in our front porch door for the outside cats to come on the porch for their food. For the time being we have to keep the flap half open. Like Speedy they would rather shiver in the rain waiting for the door to be opened than attempt the doggy door. I hope by winter they get the hang on it. (Hugs)Indigo


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