Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The word of the day for June 5, 2013 is:  decorate

dec·o·rate   transitive verb    \ˈde-kə-ˌrāt\

1:  to add honor to
2:  to furnish with something ornamental
3:  to award a mark of honor to
I always enjoy decorating the Christmas tree.
I decorated my apartment in dark colors.

Latin decoratus, past participle of decorare, from decor-, decus ornament, honor — more at decent

First Known Use:  1530

Picture Positioning Paper Pattern Production
The walls of my apartment are concrete.  This has advantages in high winds or the presence of noisy neighbors.  A disadvantage is in hanging pictures.  The management wants me to decide where the pictures will go; then, I am to write a work ticket for the maintenance crew to come drill holes.  A new friend among the residents suggests I get some of those sticky hangers.  Maybe I will try that, but I still have to decide where the pictures belong.

As part of my house-selling venture, I took all the pictures and wall-hangings down.  Many of them, I gave to the Knights of Columbus for use as bingo/door prizes.  Some of them I gave to my children or threw away.  Family photos came out of the frames (which went to the Disabled American Veterans) and are in my file drawers, waiting for me to scan them.  The plan is to make digital albums for the children.  I imagine they’ll be done about the time we find the missing text of the Force of Nature Cookbook.

From Maria Gowen Brooks (“Maria del Occidente”), “Zophiël” Palace of the Gnomes:
But whether in the sunbeam formed to sport,  These shapes once lived in suppleness and pride,And then, to decorate this wondrous court,
  Were stolen from the waves and petrified,
Or, moulded by some imitative Gnome,  And scaled all o’er with gems, they were but stone,Casting their showers and rainbows ’neath the dome,  To man or angel’s eye might not be known.


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