Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The word of the day for June 6, 2013 is:  natal
adjective \ˈnā-təl\
1:  native
2:  of, relating to, or present at birth; especially:  associated with one's birth natal

Middle English, from Latin natalis, from natus, past participle of nasci to be born—more at nation
First Known Use:  15th century

Dad: Ralph Agar
My dad was born on June 6, 1919.  Had he lived, he would have been 94.  His generation managed to grow up without television or computers, but they knew how to create their own fun.  He was always coming up with something to entertain us and/or keep us occupied—either cheerfully or otherwise.

He was the one that got us started using waxed paper bread wrappers to make the playground slide more slippery.  One time he made spinners out of coat buttons and string.  Coat buttons work best because they are about one inch in diameter.  The best string was the heavy-duty sort used to tie packages—about twice the length of one’s outstretched arms.  He would thread the string through the button twice and tie it, making a continuous loop with the button in the center.  Holding the loop on either side of the button, one would spin the button; then, pull on both sides to make the button wind and unwind on the string.  This could go on for hours—we were easily amused.

Mother usually enjoyed Dad’s inventions, even the spinners, until the day we were all down on the floor of the living room running spinners on both hands and feet and from hand to foot like little starfish opening and closing with the tide, when the Methodist minister came to call.  Mother was mortified; Dad just handed Dr. Long one of the spinners.  We children scattered.

Our quote for the day from George Meason Whicher, "For the Eighth of December (The Birthday of Horace)":

This festal day, two thousand times returning,  Should light fresh fires on all the altar-sods.His natal day! we should set incense burning,
  And call—if gods there were—upon the gods.We, his good friends, right joyous should demean us,Like Horace on the birthday of Mæcenas


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