Saturday, June 8, 2013


The word of the day for June 8, 2013 is:  erudite


 adjective \ˈer-ə-ˌdīt, ˈer-yə-\

:  having or showing knowledge that is gained by studying :  possessing or displaying extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books  :  profound, recondite, or bookish learning [an erudite scholar]

[the most erudite people in medical research attended the conference]
[an erudite lecture on the latest discoveries in astronomy]

Unexpected Treasure

Yesterday, I talked to Theresa SmithDirector of Family Life Ministries for St. Patrick's Catholic Church—about the various ministries available to members wishing to serve the parish.  We discussed Marian Mantle Group, Lectoring, and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.  She showed me around the sacristy and the sanctuary area, and we went over the details peculiar to St. Patrick’s Parish.  Of course, a refresher of the basics went along with this.  I’m going to have to keep in mind the number and depth of steps down from the ambo (reading stand), because it’s not a good idea to pitch headlong into the congregation before reverencing the altar/tabernacle—probably not afterward, either.

Theresa also gave me three books (parish policy, I think):  Made for More by Curtis Martin; The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly; and United States Edition 2013 Workbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers, and Proclaimers of the Word by Mary A. Ehle, PhD and Margaret Nutting Ralph, PhD.  The staff at St. Patrick’s encourage educational reading on a regular basis.  I’m looking forward especially to reading The Four Signs, as Kelly is an engaging writer. St. Anne’s gave his Rediscover Catholicism to us as a Christmas present last year.  It is an excellent resource for both cradle Catholics and fledgling converts. 

Our quote for the day from Sir Walter Scott. (1771–1832).  Guy Mannering:
On the whole, however, the Dominie, though somewhat fatigued with these mental exertions, made at unusual speed and upon the pressure of the moment, reckoned this one of the white days of his life, and always mentioned Mr. Pleydell as a very erudite and fa-ce-ti-ous person.


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